English – Waldorfschool in Emmen

Welcome to the preschool and primary school of The Stroeten, a Waldorf school!

Vrije bassisschool emmen

Did you know that…

– There is also a primary school on the edge of Bargeres, next to the Asserbrink

– This is a Waldorf school?

– Children learn the same things in a Waldorf school as in other schools?

– The children have many creative opportunities for example, art and theatre?

The school is situated in a quiet, safe neighbourhood (Noordbarge) on a quiet road. The children can play outside safely under good supervision and have access to a playground.

Some people think that everything is allowed at a Waldorf school, because of the word ‘free’. That is not the case.

The Waldorf School aims to educate the children in such a way that when they grow up, they can make informed choices. The aim is that they not only fit into society, but that they also have the tools to help shape or renew that society.

Preschool/Toddler class

In our preschool classes, children learn through play. The children play with toys made of beautifully designed natural materials. The children also play regularly outside. We devotemuch attention to language. Every day, a story is told, which we act out with dolls, animals and other materials.

Every day we bake bread and we have chickens and rabbits that we take care of together.

Primary school

Even in primary school, children continue to learn through play, and we pay a lot of attention to the childrens’ motor development.  

From class 1 onwards (group 3 in other schools), children are taught in a class and learn to read, write and count. We useplayful and creative methods to teach the children reading and writing, which is very effective.  This means that we have a lot of time left over for other interesting subjects.  At the Waldorf School there is a lot of singing, acting, drawing and painting and there is a lot of room for physical education.  The results of our school are consistently good.


There are many opportunities for parents of the Waldorf school to get involved with school life.  Many parents help in the school with all kinds of things, but nothing is compulsory!

Is a Waldorf School a religious school?

Every child, regardless of their religious or cultural background, is welcome. We celebrate a number of well-known Christian festivals, such as Christmas and Easter, but also less well-known festivals from old European traditions. For the younger children, the seasons of the year are a central theme in celebrations. For the older children, stories are told from diverse cultures and religions from around the world.

Is it expensive to send my child to a Waldorf school?

No. The rates for the pre-school are the same as those of all other pre-schools in Emmen.  As for the primary school: in the Netherlands, the government pays for education. Schools canalso ask for a parental contribution, but this is always voluntary.

Can a child go to a regular secondary school after attending aWaldorf primary school?

Yes, most of our pupils go to one of the secondary schools in Emmen.  At the end of group 8, the academic level of the children from our school is the same as the children from other primary schools in the area.

More information or registration?

You are welcome to come and have a look at our pre-school.  Every Friday from 9.15 am to 10.15 am, we have a walk-in morning during outdoor play. The pre-school is located in the annex on the left of the square playground. Our outdoor play area is next door, behind the wooden fence.

For more information about the pre-school, please call 06-22032708 or send an e-mail toinfo@vrijekinderopvangemmen.nl.

For the primary school, please call 0591-610531 or send an e-mail to administratie@vbsdestroeten.nl.

Would you like to register directly? You can register for the pre-school via the website: www.vrijekinderopvangemmen.nl.

You can register for the primary school by calling or e-mailing to make an appointment for an intake interview.

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